Sootaway is a combustion catalyst for solid fuel. The active ingredient is a manganese complex. The catalyst works on all types of solid fuels. The structure of the fuel particles changes and the oxygen content increases. At the same time the ignition temperature is reduced.

Benefits to using Sootaway

  • Increases rate of heat release

  • Lower ignition temperature

  • Reduces emission of CO, SO2 and NOx

  • Reduces unburned particles like soot

  • Ables total combustion at lower temperatures

  • Reduces sediments 

  • Reduces consumption of fuel by 15-20% consequently reducing emission of CO2.

  • Reduces costs of energy production and maintenance of equipment.

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Węgiel – coal
Ciepło – heat

Without Sootaway                                    With Sootaway


Without Sootaway                                    With Sootaway

394                           407